Car vs Cops App Reviews

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I love the game

I love the game but later in the game when you die it lags so I would appreciate it if you fixed it please

Love this game

Inland me the game but you should make some skins that you can do for challenges and skins you could buy with coins and they should have a special perk or weapon🙂😃👌

-1000000000 stars

Soooooooooooooooo dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A fun game

This is a fun game because, you can trick cops and it’s not violent it’s a very very good game. I can play it nonstop it’s pretty awesome. 😀😀😀

Very good

I’d rather drive a car and avoid the cops than fly a plane while dodging rockets. Much more fun.

Love it!!

This game is so addictive I love it fyi this is coming from an 11 year old

One of the best games

I love this game it’s just that I wish there were easier ways to get coins and maybe there could be levels that u can earn coins on but other than the coins this game is AMAZING 😉

Looks like a good game😛

I have not played it yet and it looks cool


I tried to get 400 but it’s hard please fix it

Graphics and speed

I and my friends think this game is very very boring don’t get me wrong it’s fun but it is so boring I think if the producers made the game look like u where driving down the street in or in an all,field any thing really and make people jump out in front of the car so the car would have to turn around . Also the cops are faster than the cars we have to drive so the makes my friends and I really upset so producers pleas add graphics and speed i think that would make a big impact on the game

Love it!!!! Some suggestions

This game is probably one of the best apps I’ve ever played, it’s got the ease and the intense, but I think you guys should also add an online multiplayer. One player drives from the cops, as the game is played, and the other player chooses when and where to dispense the cars and vans etc.. You should also make a difficulty level selection for the people who want a challenge and the people who want an easy run. Hope you consider!!

Best mobile game ever!!!

Got to being the worst player ever to the best hehehee

Could use an update

Is there anyway to increase your speed? You start out slight faster because you have a head start but then the cops swarm you and you never gain any sword as they get faster... starts out fun to play until you begin to analyze the game 🤷🏽‍♂️

Great, but

Okay so this game is amazing and I will say it’s kinda a game mode like smashy road arena, more like smashy road wanted because the dosent have turrets on the car but I find this game a little cooler in some way because you won’t run into things such as building or you won’t hit water, as well as some cars are faster and some slower. Love the idea of this game!

Fun but....

I love this game and it is so fun I play it all the time but it’s not fair that you guys made the cops faster than the person in the game so the will just kill you by running into you and I hate that feature so if you can change it I would love the game even more

This game is great 👍 but...

Love this game but it would be cool if there was a city scape or a background to go with the game, but other than that this game is awesome 👌👌👌

#Top 10 game to have on market

Very smooth game. Addictive. Top ten game to have on Smartphones. Me and my friends compare scores and I’ve earned the name...Baby Driver😎

Your game is trash

Out of all of the reviews I just wrote your game gets only TWO stars because I like it and HATE it at the same time. FORGET YOU AND YOUR DUMB GAME

Super fun but crashes allot

After playing for 5 minutes I absolutely loved this outstanding game. However now it crashes every time it loads. Now it won't let me play, I'm on apple iPad. Can maybe fix this in recent update. (Issues with game crashing after loading screen)

Cars vs Cops

This game is so addicting! It’s a great game and I really recommend playing this.


It’s so fun and there’s so many cars

Good pastime

Simple and fun with no bugs!


This game was ok .

OMG this game

It is so fun


It is fun

Ketchapp must be served a lawsuit.

This game is a complete copy of “go plane” by voodoo. Shame on the developer for copying someone’s idea.

The car problems

I played for 9 minutes and all I had was regular police cars! Are there even swat trucks and helicopters? It still very fun but the problem is with the vehicles!

Pretty cool game

This is a pretty cool game, it’s kinda the same as CARO and Smashy Road, but portrait version. I like this game, I recommend it

Purchase progress vanished

I removed adds by paying 2.99 but when app reinstalled the purchase is gone.

Freezes regularly and ads no appropriate for 4+

This game freezes regularly. The App Store lists the game as appropriate for 4+ but the advertisements are very violent and not appropriate for young children.


Great time killer and you can unlock other vehicles watching adds. Thank you!!

To game

Hi I was wondering if you guys could like add any paints to the cars?

Fun Game but Unfair

It’s definitely a fun game but the cop cars are so much faster. Unlocking new cars is just cosmetic, doesn’t give you any other advantage.


It’s a great game. Fun to play when ITS NOT LAGGING.


GREAT GAME , ADDICTING AFFF ...... but we need better controls.


Amazing app



It’s fun

It’s a fun game just wish you can win hearts to keep the game going longer


This game is okay. It has way too many adds and the game tries to bleed you dry constantly. Whenever you die, an ad pops up immediately, then it asks if you want to revive, (Which plays another ad) and it then gives brings up their $9.00 purchase that gives you 9 cars and like a few more hearts. If you like a game like this, play smashy road. It's much better than this game


First of all, awesome game, so addicting, second what’s the backstory? Like how did you get there? Like I said great game, I’d really like some power-ups and Ramps and stuff.


To many ads and after 10 min it makes you pay for it

Good game

Really fun game should add upgrades.

The game is fun af but.....

The game is so fun, it started off good. But now every time I try to play the app crashes.

Car vs cops

Best game ever!so PG ever body can play the game

I love this game

I love this game. But what are they chasing me for?


Instead of making new games you guys should be fixing the lagging it does all the ketchapp games I download are always so laggy.


I like the game. Is addictive


Rlly fun when ur bored and U have nothing else to do I recommend this to everyone 9-16.

Idk about this game

I have been playing for a while now, love the adrenaline rush of not knowing where the cops are coming from. I have played numerous times and as I was playing ads keeps popping up and immediately I’m dead. Please fix.

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