Car vs Cops App Reviews

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It’s so fun and there’s so many cars

Good pastime

Simple and fun with no bugs!


This game was ok .

OMG this game

It is so fun


It is fun

Ketchapp must be served a lawsuit.

This game is a complete copy of “go plane” by voodoo. Shame on the developer for copying someone’s idea.

The car problems

I played for 9 minutes and all I had was regular police cars! Are there even swat trucks and helicopters? It still very fun but the problem is with the vehicles!

Pretty cool game

This is a pretty cool game, it’s kinda the same as CARO and Smashy Road, but portrait version. I like this game, I recommend it

Purchase progress vanished

I removed adds by paying 2.99 but when app reinstalled the purchase is gone.

Freezes regularly and ads no appropriate for 4+

This game freezes regularly. The App Store lists the game as appropriate for 4+ but the advertisements are very violent and not appropriate for young children.


Great time killer and you can unlock other vehicles watching adds. Thank you!!

To game

Hi I was wondering if you guys could like add any paints to the cars?

Fun Game but Unfair

It’s definitely a fun game but the cop cars are so much faster. Unlocking new cars is just cosmetic, doesn’t give you any other advantage.


It’s a great game. Fun to play when ITS NOT LAGGING.


GREAT GAME , ADDICTING AFFF ...... but we need better controls.


Amazing app



It’s fun

It’s a fun game just wish you can win hearts to keep the game going longer


This game is okay. It has way too many adds and the game tries to bleed you dry constantly. Whenever you die, an ad pops up immediately, then it asks if you want to revive, (Which plays another ad) and it then gives brings up their $9.00 purchase that gives you 9 cars and like a few more hearts. If you like a game like this, play smashy road. It's much better than this game


First of all, awesome game, so addicting, second what’s the backstory? Like how did you get there? Like I said great game, I’d really like some power-ups and Ramps and stuff.


To many ads and after 10 min it makes you pay for it

Good game

Really fun game should add upgrades.

The game is fun af but.....

The game is so fun, it started off good. But now every time I try to play the app crashes.

Car vs cops

Best game ever!so PG ever body can play the game

I love this game

I love this game. But what are they chasing me for?


Instead of making new games you guys should be fixing the lagging it does all the ketchapp games I download are always so laggy.


I like the game. Is addictive


Rlly fun when ur bored and U have nothing else to do I recommend this to everyone 9-16.

Idk about this game

I have been playing for a while now, love the adrenaline rush of not knowing where the cops are coming from. I have played numerous times and as I was playing ads keeps popping up and immediately I’m dead. Please fix.


Crashes nonstop can't even play the game

Too hard to earn coins


Could be a great game

It’s a super fun and simple game that gets more fun the more you play it. It’s definitely going to stay on my phone for a while. That being said, It’s fun but it needs work. There have been several suggestions as additions and complaints about the combos mentioned before, but there were two things that really chap my khakis. First is the camera angle, it’s really annoying because when new police join in, its impossible to avoid them sometimes because you can see anything that’s not coming on from the top of the screen or right next to you. It would be nice to have more options like maybe a more zoomed out view. Second, is the ads. I don’t normally like to complain about them because they are very necessary, but there are a couple situations where they are beyond annoying and in the way. The most annoying one is the one that is on the bottom of the screen. Every time it appears or changes, the game gets jumpy and can completely mess you up. In a game that relies on instant decision making and split second moves, that is unacceptable. Thats the main one but for those that don’t know I’ll give a rundown of the ads that you encounter during this game: -When the game first starts up an ad appears. -Soon after beginning your run, there is a bar at the bottom of the screen that was mentioned before and doesn’t go away. -After you die there is an option for an additional life if you want to watch a complete 30 second ad that requires you to exit twice. -If you don’t want the life there is an ad for you as well. -There are ads to skip challenges. -There are ads to get more coins. -There are ads that randomly happen when you want to purchase a new car. -There is an ad waiting for you in the main menu. This is the list that I can think of off the top of my head. That doesn’t include the times when it decides to show you two in a row or when an ad doesn’t load and shows a black screen then fakes you out by randomly showing the ad while in a different part of the game. These are all so frustrating and it’s just too simple of a game to merit the cost of going ad free. If I do remove this game anytime soon it will be because I’d rather spend more time playing the game than dealing with ads.


Best game I ever played

Fun fun fun

Lots of fun to play, wish I could have some nitrous oxide from time to time, very cool any way! Great job developers


10/10 would recommend


Really cool game😀😁🤐☝️💪

So gooooooood

I stayed up all night and it is really good as I like to say so geeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwd I love ketchapp


Yay This game is the best. I been wanting this game forever and I finally got it. I also Get some thumb practice. This game is so satisfying.

Fun but too much adds

There has been adds in the middle of the game and then I die but other than that it is a fun game

I can't see my score

For some reason I can't see my score and I can't beat my height score.

Tara Samal Marif

I love this game it’s amazing!!!! But I don’t know how I can change the car

Butt hole

I hate the game because it is t Violence

Car vs cops

The game was actually pretty fun to kill time with but when the update showed up and I clicked on it, I now have advertisement in the middle of the screen. I’m deleting it.

Awesome graphics

This game is so addictive and the graphics are awesome you won’t regret playing this game 🤪🤩

Ok but..

You should ad perks like have different cars and faster engines


The game is awesome but the controls are confusing but it’s awesome

? Needs more work.

Cool game concept, but needs more work. Illogical, inconsistent performance - randomization is limited of cops and creates a lose-lose situation. Not fun after about 5 minutes.

This is an ad simulator...

The first screen you see, ad. That ad looks like the main menu...but it’s an ad. It happens every time you start the game. The biggest button on the menu....a link to an ad. As soon as you This is a perfect example of what mobile apps have become. TERRIBLE. A single star isn’t bad enough, it should be reported and removed from the store. It lowers the standards.



Good game

Good gameplay good job.

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